Bleuette and her sister Rosette

Members of The United Federation of Doll Clubs of America

Sponsored by The Eugene Doll Club of Oregon

and Amateur Suzettes Central

       Bleuette-N-Eugene is a group of ladies who enjoy sharing their love of dolls with other doll makers & collectors.  We encourage the preservation of dolls and try to inspire others with our love of creativity through sewing and crafts.

     The original one-day Bleuette Event was held in Medford, Oregon for over 10-years, sponsored by the six UFDC Doll Clubs in Southern Oregon; Dolls of the Attic, Dolls Etc. of Klamath Falls; Oh! You Beautiful Dolls: Southern Oregon Doll Collectors; Grant's Pass Doll Collectors and The Pear Blossom Doll Club.

     Throughout the years these Club Ladies entertained us with many adventures including "Bleuette goes to Paris", "Camp Papillion", "A Trip to the Seashore" and many more.  We Thank You for such wonderful memories of times together sharing our love of dolls and we thank you for the many educational programs to advance our learning of the history of these wonderful dollies of long ago.

     Our local group in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon, is called Amateur Suzettes, central.  We meet once a month to sew new projects for our Bleuette dolls.  We share our sewing skills and our knowledge of dolls.  Our group has the sewing levels from non-sewers to accompolished seamstresses.

     With the continuation of sewing for our dolls, we are carrying on the traditions of La Semaine de Suzette.... Come join us and have fun!


Amateur Suzettes Central  

Eugene, Springfield & Surrounding Areas.

Projects of the Sewing Group

Crepe Paper Dresses and Clown costumes for the Circus